The research is set out to examine the role of broadcast media in improving the economy and social lives of rural dwellers, thus focus on Obokun Local Government area of Osun State. It is of note that; the presence of radio has brought a lot of socio-economy development to the practice of people especially those living in a rural area through its various programmes such as: “Let’s Go Farming”, “You & Health”, “Nation’s Pride”, and host of others. The research was anchored on Agenda Setting Theory and Developmental Media Theory. The research also used survey research method coupled with 100 copies of questionnaires that were administered to respondents within Obokun local government from which 90 copies were correctly filled were analysed using frequency and percentage table method. Findings show that substantial numbers of the respondents (77.8%) do have access to broadcast media (radio and television) with at least access to 1-2 television channels while they do not really have access to newspapers and magazine. Many of the respondents (31.7%) often expose themselves to economy and social change programmes such as agro-business, financial freedom, seminar etc, while most of the respondents admitted that broadcast media through their various economy and social change programmes have improved their life often through agriculture, economic and health programmes. It is obvious that New Dawn TV has the high supporter because it is the only broadcasting station hosted by Obokun communities. It is recommended that broadcast media should design programmes that are locally oriented and suit the need of the grassroots people especially one that will boost their farming production, income and social lives generally. 



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