The paper examines broadcast media and crisis management in the 2019 general elections. The paper was anchored on Agenda Setting Theory and Social Responsibility Theory. Survey research method was adopted while 40 copies of questionnaire were administered to respondents within NUJ, Osogbo and Ilorin while 32 copies were returned and analysed using frequency and percentage method. Finding show that the level of violence in the 2019 general election is moderate in so many states in Nigeria.  Also, inadequate security (40.6%) and greedy/godfatherism (28%) have been attributed to be the major factors accounted for violence in the 2019 General Election while 46.8% of the respondents agreed that insecurity is the most challenges facing broadcasters in their efforts to promote violence free election while 25% said it is an hostile environment, apart from 18.7% that talked about kidnapping and threatening the press. It is recommended that the media managers should train and retrain their staff on the best practices during the election and give them proper means of identification and other logistic supports while broadcast media are expected to be ethical in gathering, processing and disseminating     political information especially the kind of violence scenes and image they portray while            they should also present themselves as credible platform.

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Keyword: Broadcast Media, Crisis Management, 2019 General Elections.


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