The study analyzing cable television service and cultural imperialism with a case study of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree students. The study was anchored on cultural imperialism theory and media imperialism theory. Survey research method with questionanire was used to elicit data from respondents Osun State Polytechnic students. Findings shows that majority of the respondents exposed themselves to television more than to other media and they rely on cable television particularly DSTV/GOTV, Startimes while about 21% are still fans of local stations. Also, viewing habit of the respondents shows that they were moderate television viewers as their watching pattern ranged bewteen 30 minutes- 6 hours. Though, many watch televison regularly at least 4 times in a week. Respondents have preference for foreign televison channels because they believe it  meets their gratification, offers quality of audiovisual, it has rich contents, it entertains and available all time unlike local television stations that close at 10 pm, 11, pm or 1 am.They admitted that they were been exposed to illicit drugs, new sexual behaviour, dressing patterns and they also imminated foreign stars and celebrities. It is recommeded thatmedia managers and other stakeholders should improve and enhance the qualities of programme and equipment used in producing and distributing media contents in this advanced era. 

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