The research examines the impact of religion bodies on moral standards among Osun state Polytechnic Iree students. This research is anchored on Social Categories Theory. The study adopted survey research method coupled with 120 copies that was administered to the respondents within OSPOLY campus. Out of 120 copies of questionnaire that was administered, only 90 copies were returned and analysed using frequency and percentage data analysis method. Finding show that majority of the respondents often exposed to various religion activities directly or indirectly within their campus while it is also noted that 44.4% of the respondents admitted that religion bodies give moral supports to OSPOLY students to a high extent. It is on record that the common ways in which religion bodies promoted moral behaviour among students of Osun State Polytechnic Iree include but not limited to freshers orientation (66.7%) and special lecture/talk (22.%). It is equally observed that peers and media influence are major challenges that is thwarting religion bodies effectiveness in promoting moral standard among students. It is recommended that religion body should develop programmes and films that will strengthen moral standards especially now that majority of students rely on television, film and social media for information and entertainment.

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