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ABSTRACT: The research is geared toward finding out the impact of movies in the propagation of Nigerian culture with a focus on the Agogo Eewo movie. A survey research method was adopted in which 120 copies of questionnaires were administered and 114 were returned. Respondents were drawn using the probability technique. Also, the data were analysed and interpreted using table, frequency and percentage methods. Respondents submitted that they watch movies regularly and it is deduced that many of the respondents have watched Agogo-Eewo in the last 6 to10 years ago. The movie is said to propagate Nigerian culture through the use of Nigeria language and attires. It is recommended that move serious and cultural oriented movies should be produced while government should through the censor board ban any movie seen to downgrade Nigeria cultural values.

Keywords: Nigerian Culture



1.1 Background to the Study

In Nigeria today, many believe in watching the home video but they don’t really believe on the message that is being passed across to them but for mere watch sake. In most plays, the actor and actress did not pass meaningful message to the audience. Most of their plays are to make fun. Many films that are being produced today are of no meaning. Most of it does not have any logical sense to ice record.  

As we normally say that language is very important in the field of communication. Without language, there cannot be communication (because ii works hand in hand) without speaking the same language we can’t understand ourselves. In the home video, language has not been properly treated or used. In Nigeria,’ most of the actors and actresses made a mistake of using different codes especially in Yoruba film.

This habit which always creates confusion among those that are watching the plays, and it lead to the lost of the message they wanted to pass across to the audience e.g. using of English language during the Yoruba play is ridiculous, even if they want to present English drama or Yoruba drama they must make use of pure language and free flow of a specific language. Agogo eewo is a concluding part of saworode, the movie was produced in 2002 by Tunde Kelani, it was 1 hour, 41 minutes, 17 seconds which has Abeokuta, Ogun State has its location.

The play focused on politics in Nigeria and corrupt practices in the country as represent “Nigeria” with “Jogbo Village” while chief Lare Paimo, Deoye Faleye and Larinde Akinleye represented Nigerian Political Leaders that are corrupt . The trio who were the senior chief of the land did offer the throne of Jogbo to ex-police officer who was their former associate. They did this just to ensure the uninterrupted flow of cash into their pockets.

Appointed king Dejumo Lewis by corrupt tribal chiefs who expect him to uphold the status quo, he shock theth by undertaking, sweeping reform that involved the titled object “Agogo eewo” which is combination of a gong/drinking vessel. It works like a true serum killing officials who do not confess their crime. A peak is reached in the movie when gang of youth who are torn in loyalty between the people of Jogbo or these chiefs, see reason together, thereby leaving corrupt power mongers to writhe in agony to the beat of the gong.

Also, in the Yoruba traditional setting, the king’s wife dare not address her husband, the king in the manner in which Lapé addresses her husband throughout the movie. For Yorubas, respect is everything. However, Lape lacked this. In addition to this, the scene where a young boy was writing letters for his grandfather- the young lad was not writing anything for minutes and his grandfather did not notice.. .where does that happen? Even a stark illiterate would notice whether or not one was writing. Plus, as at 2002 when the movie was produced, haba! Pens were already in existence. Why did the boy have to write with ink and brush?    

Some people argue that the movie was only produced in 2002, but was not set in 2002, trying to point out that the use of ink and brush displays the use of crude instruments back then however, in this same movie, a well stocked supermarket owned by the lyalode is seen, among other outlets. if such a village could afford to have supermarkets of that sort, then pens should not be a problem. plus, if pens were not in existence, slates and chalk would have been used; yet, we see school children going to school with school bags and notebooks. Therefore, the research examines the impact of Agogo Eewo home video on propagation of Nigerian culture with a view to know how it related to the contemporary Nigeria society.

1.2    Statement of the Problem

The research focuses on the impact of Agogo Eewo which is the concluding part of the Saworode Yoruba movies that was produced in 2002 produced by Tunde Kelani. The manner by which Olori Lape addressed the Icing of Jogbo village showing lack of respect for the traditional ruler and it is also against the culture and tradition of Yoruba to address Oba in such manner.

In Nigeria society today, leaders were swore in using Quran and bible but in the context of Jogbo politics traditional tools was relied on such as Agogo Eewo which if adopted in Nigeria political system corrupt practices will be solved. It is against this backdrop that the researcher examined the impact of agogo eewo home video on propagation of Nigerian culture.

1.3    Objectives of the Study

  1. To examine whether agogo eewo actually propagate Nigerian culture
  2. To know ways by which agogo eewo promote and propagate Yoruba cultural values.

1.4    Research Questions

          Below are some of the research questions that aim at finding solutions to the problems highlighted under the statement of the problem.

  1. Does Agogo Eewo propagate Nigerian culture?
  2. How does Agogo Eewo promote and propagate yoruba culture?

1.5    Scope of the Study

The scope of the study resides in the topic itself as the study aim at the impact of Agogo Eewo home video on propagation of Nigerian culture. Therefore, the respondents for this study were drawn from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree.  

1.6 Significance of the Study

There are various people that will benefit from the research ranging from the actor and actress, while some other people will generally benefit from this research because there are most important people needed to be enlightened.

Young people also need to be exposed and be trained in their own language because they are young and there is tendency that they may abandon their own culture when there is nobody that can train or expose them to their culture that has advanced. Therefore, there should be proper enlightenment on the use of language, proper education on communication and enlightenment on the different language.

The society also benefit from this research because it contributes to national development of the society at large and it contribute to the current policy by the government.

It sends signal to the leaders on likely things to happen to them if they continue to loot the society fund. It also serves as reference material for future researchers who may be searching in similar area.

1.7   Operational Definitions of the Term  

Impact: it means the influence or contribution of Agogo Eewo on Nigeria culture.

Agogo Eewo: This is a Yoruba movie that deal with corruption, it is a concluding part of Saworode movie produced in 2000.

Home Video: This refers to the movies that are producing and watching at home usually on CD, DVD e.t.c such as Agogo eewo.

Propagation: This means dispersing or promoting Nigerian culture. Nigerian Culture: These are the cultural values of Nigeria.



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