The research examines the contributions of broadcast media in curbing the spread of Ebola virus in Nigeria and particularly in Lagos and other cities. It was established that one of the means used to contained ebola when it first reported in Nigeria was through communication particularly broadcast media through various sensitization and enlightenment programmes and news, this helps to debunk rumour and superstition attached to the virus. Survey research method was adopted in which 100 copies of questionnaires were administered and 90 were returned. Respondents were drawn using non-probability technique. Also, the data were analysed and interpreted using table, frequency and percentage method. Respondents submitted that progrmammes on radio, television and in a normal movies helped to curb ebola spread in Nigeria and Lagos state in particular where the disease first broke out. It was recommended that media planners should always have at the back of their minds that Nigeria national development should be foremost on their minds when they are writing any script while health drama, programme  should be structured in such as way that will be easy to understand and achieve its set objectives.

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