The research assessing Teleprompter in News and Programmes Presentations with a specific focus on OSBC television, especially from some newscasters and presenters who have used and experienced how teleprompter work. Survey research method was used coupled with 100 copies of questionnaire that were administered to the purposively selected news casters and presenters. The data collected were analysed using frequency and percentage method. Findings show that lots of television stations especially OSBC and other national and International channels are now using teleprompter to a high extent (59%) and they used teleprompter often for news presentations. Similarly, (88.2%) of the respondents were of the opinion that teleprompter has brought a lots of improvement to news and programmes presentation on TV channels. Also, many of the respondents (64.7%) now prefer the use of teleprompter for news presentation to the use of traditional bulletin reading. It is recommended television stations should as a matter of good innovation adopted the use of teleprompters, train its staff and re-training staff in order to get the best of the prompters while technology experts should be properly consulted to be able to procure the best prompter in the market not in terms of price but in terms of performance.

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