One of the most important things to pay attention to when planning advertising campaign is the choice of media otherwise known as media selection which is mostly influenced by the target audience. The research is therefore comparatively analysing media preference among advertisers in Ikeja local government with the view to know which media they like and why they are preferred. This research was anchored on the Uses and Gratifications, Source Credibility Theory. The study used In-Depth interview was used to analysis the data obtained from the In-depth Interview conducted with experts in the advertising agencies particularly at Resone Media, Marketing Media and Agenda Media. Thematic analysis of which the interview were analysed in five themes. Out of ten (10) participants expected to be interviewed; only five (5) participants were eventually granted the interview while others were either not available or busy to deliver jobs. Findings show that mass media proliferation, media convergence and digital media have created more opportunity to communicate and reach out to many diverse people in different locations  especially in this twenty first century which have enhanced buying and selling globally. Also, no media platform can claim superiority in terms of message and advert delivery as different medium offers unique qualities that others lacks.  But experts submitted that radio, television and billboards are still the most often used platforms in Lagos to reach out to most audience. Most of the time, the said media are used complement each other.  It is recommended that students of advert and marketing be thought especially on the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) especially to ensure understanding of the new media among others.

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