Effect of Personal Branding on Contemporary TV Presenters ( Study of GHONE and AGOO TV)

The research examined the effect of personal branding on contemporary tv presenters with a specific focus on GHONE and AGOO TV and their audience in Accra metropolis. The role play by the presenters in the success of a program or channel cannot be overemphasised as the ambassadors and image makers of the channel whose failure is a failure of the entire media while their success goes round as well. The reserach adopted triangulation method i.e Survey and In-depth method coupled with 384 copies of questionnaires that were administered to respondents in Accra from which 361 copies were correctly filled and analysed using frequency and percentage table method while two presenters were selected from GHONE and AGOO TV for In-depth interview while the data from In-depth Interview were analysed using Thematic Analysis or theme analysis in which each question serve as a theme for analysis. Finding shows that majority of the respondents often expose to television with preference for GHONE, although AGOOTV was popular too. Afternoon, evening and night often witness high television audience during the week days and many of them were moderate viewers as they spent betweem 1-6 hours watching television. Also, the dressing pattern, presenter’s outlook, standard pronunciation, intonation, charisma and lots of qualities are some of the factors that motivate audience to watch a particular presenter and program while poor remuneration of presenters and inadequate funding are the major challenges. The study recommended that presenter should always attractive in addressing and they should not go into any program unprepared while they should embrace research, by doing audience research analysis, program analysis, and evaluations in general in order to make adjustment where necessary. 

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