The study examined students’ perception of television reality programmes with a specific focus on the Voice Reality Show. It is a music competition, music coaching and music mentorship which involved music superstars and upcoming artiste. The uniqueness of the show includes the prize award, recording deal, voters’ contribution and host of other. The study was anchored on the framework of Cultivation Analysis and Social Learning Theory. Survey research method was adopted in which 129 copies of questionnaires were administered and 120 copies were retrieved. Descriptive statistics particularly frequency and percentage method of data analysis was used. It is obvious that majority of the respondents exposed to the Voice Reality Show. Substantial numbers of the respondents participated as mere TV audience and voters while the participants have good perceptions of the Voice Reality Show. Similarly, different factors are responsible for the interest of audience in the Voice Reality Show which includes the prize award, reality nature; entertainment and talent show case opportunity are the leading factor. It is clear that the show brings lots of benefits to the audience especially how to discover, develop and showcase talent, apart from known what makes a good music from bad ones. It is recommended that the Voice Reality show should extend the show beyond the city media to the rural or community television stations in order to catch the attention of the rural dwellers as well.

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