The physical environment is very important to the survival of the entire universe, and Nigeria as a nation has been battling to reduce the risk, resulting from poor sanitary conditions and unwholesome toilet habits in our cities and communities. Unfortunately, efforts to keep Nigeria clean which culminated in a national crusade against filth has not completely succeeded in enthroning a sense of decency and the culture of environmental self-discipline among the citizenry. The research thus examinesRadio Broadcasting and Behavioural Change: A Study of Environmental Sanitation Campaigns in Port Harcourt. Survey research method was adopted using simple random sampling technique. Also questionnaires were administered to 380 respondents and 370 were returned and analysed. The data were analysed in frequency and percentage tables. It is obvious that RSSA often use radio and other mass media to promote environmental sanitation campaigns in Rivers State. By and large, it is clear that there is adequate airtime for the airing of environmental sanitation and other ecological matters. Many of the respondents watch and listen to environmental sanitation activities and programme on both radio and television very often as time to air sanitation programmes. It is obvious that many of the respondents admitted that programmes on environmental sanitation via radio is picturing what is going on in our society while on average, it can be said that there is participation in radio programmes. Radio and other media should have a special desk to be called environmental and climate desk to effectively and efficient disseminate information on weather, climate and other environment matters.

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