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(Last Updated On: 30th November 2022)


News Agency Classification: It should be noted that UPI belongs to the 1st world wide news agency while NAN belongs to the third world news agency.

World Polar Location: NAN is a Nigeria based news agency reporting Nigeria and the world through the African Eyes while the UPI was based in USA covering US and the world.  

Ownership Structure: NAN is owned by the federal government of Nigeria and function as part of the country agent of international communication just like the voice of Nigeria whereas, the UPI was privately owned and managed, although, America government support and finance it indirectly because it works for the success of America and it usually not painting America in a bad light.     

Employee Capacity: UPI had employee capacity of over 5,000 when it reached the pick but it has reduced now due to bankruptcy, it started layoffs Employee in the 1950’s as the company reported $40.2 million in debt and about $24 million in assets. Today it boosted of about 100 staff  while the NAN can only boost about 500 editorial staffs (Encyclopaedia, 2016).

Global Recognition: By far, UPI was a very popular international news agency known worldwide as it ranked among the “Big 5 global news agency” with its impact much felt in USA and other countries. It should be recalled that UPI served over 6,000 subscribers including radio, television, newspaper etc while NAN is not a popular news agency in terms of subscribers and coverage. It can only boost of 160 subscribers as at 2013 (Babatunde, 2014).

Global News Involvement: UPI was at one time or other involved in covering various degree of wars ranging from the First World War, Second World War, Cool War, Kuwait war and many other global events whereas, NAN has not actually experienced much events of global impact, may be as a result of the time it was established.

News Coverage: The core objective of the two agencies was to supply news to the broadcast and print, whereas, the UPI subscribers cut across the world with office in Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Middle-east respectively whereas, the NAN subscribers are few especially in this era of the Internet.   

Objectives: The NAN is expected to cover news as they break in Nigeria and report it to the world while it also sell stories to the subscribers. UPI also share similar objective but it covers beyond USA.

ICT Age: In this era of information and communication technology, both the UPI and NAN are serving many people via their news blog i.e and Although, the UPI cover many stories and country more than NAN.   

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