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INTRODUCTION: Media imperialism is a twin sister of cultural imperialism. Media imperialism is a modern way of colonization. Media imperialism is process whereby a country media content is dominating another country media content. Chris (2004) defines cultural imperialism as a process involving the domination of one culture by another.

That is why in Nigeria is stated that foreign content should be 30% while while local contents should be 70% to prevent imperialism.  However, Western states like US, France, UK, etc are technological developed particularly in television and motion programmes this made them dominate other developing nations which include Nigeria as a a result Nigerians portray Western cultures and values cultivated through the media. BBC or foreign media exposed Nigerians and other third world countries to:

Illicit drugs: youths Nigeria no nothing than to drink alcohol, smooking of weeds etc

New sexual behaviour and orientation e.g samesex married (lesbians, gay)

Indecent dressing patterns such as wearing of backless, half shoulder, mini skit, artificial nails, etc 

Imimitation of foreign stars and celebrities leading to Hip Hop while fuji and local music is abandoned.

Porn: Youths today are bombarded with sexual messages and images in all media television, magazines, advertisements, music, movies and the Internet.

Violence behaviour: It is believed that most Western/ American Tv programmes in Nigeria have violent contents and contribute to the rise in violence on the youths and adolescents.

Destruction of Nigerian Culture: Nigerian cultural values are being eroded by foreign ones because Nigerian have adopted the eating, dressing, speaking, education and even sex life of the west.

Solutions Media managers and other stakeholders should improve and enhance the qualities of programme and equipment used in producing and distributing media contents in this advanced era.


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