The study examines the influence of foreign advertising on Nigeria Culture (A case study of Africa Independent Television (AIT). The study was guided on the framework of Perception Theory and Accommodation Theory. Survey method was used coupled with questionnaires that were administered to the selected respondents, out of 399 copies only 360 copies of the questionnaires were returned for analysis.  Frequency and percentage table was used to present the analysis. Findings show that it is true that AIT aired many foreign commercials on their channel while, majority of the respondents admitted that the foreign adverts are very attractive than the locally shot and packaged commercials. Majority of the respondents maintained that there is negative impact of foreign adverts on Nigeria cultural values. It is clear that English language is often used on AIT for foreign advert. It is recommended that foreign advert should be guided by Nigeria culture, values and norms so that the adverts did not alter our local culture and harm our national values.


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