1. What has been done generally about the problem
  2. What research methods and designs used
  3. What theory has been used
  4. What data collection have been used
  5. How have scholars conceptualized and operationalized most key variables
  6. What are the recurring themes in the studies
  7. What are the areas of convergence and divergence in the literature
  8. What is the period and time the studies were conducted: decades, ago, recently, 2015 above
  9. What are the geographical locations of most literature?
  10. What deficiencies or GAPs noticed in the previous work.
  11. What are their findings of previous studies
  12. What is their suggestion, recommendation and the limitations of their findings
  13. What is the scope or delimitation of previous studies
  14. Who are reoccurring authors or scholars in the area of study ( most cited authors and scholars)

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