The research Assessing Students Perception of Media Reportage of Biafra Agitation in Nigeria. The rationale for carrying out this study is on the thrust that the way media set agenda and frame issues often determine public perception and what they say about the issue. That is why the research was anchored on the Agenda Setting Theory and Social Responsibility Method Theory. The survey research method was adopted and the questionnaire was used as the main data collection instrument. Multistage sampling technique was used to select 150 respondents within Osun State Polytechnic Iree. The data collected were analyzed using frequency and percentage method. Findings show that Nigeria media especially newspapers, television channels, and radio stations gave prominence to Biafra agitation issue, as a result of this high reportage, many of the respondents (92.2%) know much about the agitation. Also, media reportage about Biafra Agitation was partially objective because of some ethnic-religion biases. It was recommended that the media and other owners should shun politics while dealing with issue of national interest and be conscious in the content since the ‘medium is the message’ to prevent collapse of national interest, while it is also recommended that the core problems to tackle wider socio-economic grievances need to be addressed because the communities are still lacking social development, facing environmental pollution.

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