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History of News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)

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News Agency of Nigeria

INTRODUCTION: “No one knows Nigeria like NAN”, this is the slogan/tag used often by the News Agency of Nigeria .NAN is regarded as Nigeria’s face just like the Reuters and Associated Press etc. NAN was set up by the Decree 19 of 1976 while NAN started full operation on October 2nd, 1978 with the core objective of providing news service to the subscribers in Nigeria. NAN is available across the 36 states of Nigeria, anywhere and always where the news is. News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) offers news for broadcasting media, newspapers, magazines and even professional bloggers in Nigeria (NAN, 2018).

However, advancement in technology especially in this era has made it possible for the NAN to send news contents to subscribers and users via emails while others log-in to NAN news portal  “” to pick the needed news and pictures. The official website of NAN ( was launched precisely on August 8, 2016, to enable the agency to provide news and other current affairs to substantial numbers of an audience anywhere in Nigeria. NAN covers stories on general news, entertainment, sports, politics, lifestyle, and metro (NAN, 2018).

Today, NAN can boost of over 500 editorial staff nationwide and at least a correspondent in New York. It produces more than 200 stories on a daily basis, while it also collaborates with other international news agency such as Reuters and Xinhua News Agencies among others. Currently, Malam Yusuf Zango is the Editor-In-Chief of the Agency while Mr. Bayo Onanuga, a seasoned and veteran editor and magazine publisher is the CEO of the agency, who was appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari in May 2016 (NAN, 2018).


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