Digitization of broadcasting media is a special phase in the history of Mass Media in Nigeria and all over the world especially in this 21st century. The research, therefore, assesses the level of digitalization of broadcast media in Osun State especially among journalists in Osun State. The study was anchored on the Diffusion of Innovation Theory and Technological Determinism Theory. The survey research method was used coupled with questionnaires that were administered to the respondents among journalists in Osun State using purposive sampling technique out of which 90 copies were returned and analyzed using frequency and percentage. Findings have shown that one of the hallmarks of digitalization of broadcasting media is access to multiple channels by the audience. Finding shows that before the advent of digitalization majority of the people can only access between 1-2 channels but now with the help of DSTV, StarTime, GOTV and others more than 70 channels both local and foreign channel can be accessed even in the remote locations through either a dish or indoor decoder. However, questions now are when will Nigerian broadcasting media move total from analog to digital transmission.  The study recommends that media establishment should adapt to digital broadcast and forget the analog that has been in use for several years, because of the merits that are seen in the digitalization process.

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