The research is set out to appraise the use of drums as means of communication in Imesi-Ile community because traditional means of communication otherwise known as trado-media communication has been part and parcel of African society and Yoruba people during occasions such as coronation, funeral ceremony, traditional festival, naming ceremony among other community-based events. The study was anchored on Medium Theory and Theory of SMCR in Drumming. The study used survey research method and questionnaires to elicit responses from the 250 respondents within Imesi-Ile community who were purposively through non-probability technique out of which 226 copies were correctly filled and analyzed using frequency, percentage, and tables. Findings show that drum particularly talking drum is still popular in Imesi-Ile. Although, the adult understand the drum messages, unlike the many youths who see it as mere noise. On average, many Imesi-Ile people exposed to drum messages regularly. Though, many of the respondents (68%) were neither drummers nor dancers but they (63%) often opportune to watch or listen to drum messages at different occasions and events. Also, drum entertains (37.6%), promote culture (47.8%) and educate sometimes. In short, the use of gangan (40%)  bata (27%) and sekere (39.8) is high at an occasion like a coronation, traditional festival, funeral and naming ceremonies. It is recommended that children should be taught the art of drumming or how to interpret and understand drum messages. Also, the media should as a matter of urgency help promote the drumming by design programmes on African communication system where drummers display the skill and somebody doing the interpretation.

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