The research investigated the perception of NTA Network News among Lagos Residents with a view to understand and identify the extent at which they watching NTA network news, what motivated them and their preference for other News at night because news is one of the interesting television programmes. The study was anchored by the Uses and Gratification Theory and Source Credibility Theory. A survey research method was adopted while questionnaire was used to elicit responses from respondents. The data collected were analysed using frequency and percentage  with the aids of SPSS version 20. The study finds out that more than 78% of the respondents watch NTA news at 9 often with 79% like the news. 65% still prefer NTA news yet they watch other stations like AIT, TVC, Channels and STV etc. However, the major factors responsible for their preference for NTA include but not limited to the quality of the newscasters, dressing, pronunciation & intonation, quality news stories and news period. The study recommended that NTA and other national news channels should not only offer news promptly but also socially responsible as a good citizen to prevent puit the nation into problem and should be conscious of sensational report that capable of breaking national unity while journalists working either in the government or privately owned media should realize that they are serving the public and not those controlling the apparatus of power.

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