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(Last Updated On: 3rd November 2021)

Twitter usage can contribute to students positively and negatively depending on the users and the purpose for its uses, it is on this thrust that the researchers examined the influence of Twitter on the reading habit of Bowen University undergraduates. The research is anchored on Technology Determinism Theory which was explained and related carefully to this result with the aim of given depth to the research. The research also used survey design coupled with 170 copies of questionnaires that were administered to respondents in Bowen University, Iwo Osun State who were simple randomly selected from which 153 copies were correctly filled and analyzed using frequency and percentage table method with SPSS version 20. Findings show that many of the students use their Twitter account for chatting, linking with friend, business and education purposes with the belief that the platform is doing them more good.  Though, they agreed that their grammar, spelling is gradually being battered out in terms of quality. They also use Twitter for creating class community, tweeting upcoming due date for events and coordinating assignment or group work. Findings revealed further that negative effect of Twitter and other social media can be curbed if students are using Twitter for class and outside class engagement as follow up to their studies, class community and when lecturers start penalizing and guiding on what is expected on them. The research recommends that Twitter and other social media users should have a clear purpose for joining any social media particularly Twitter in the first place so that they would not be overcome by any negative impacts but rather use these sites for maximum benefit.

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