The research is set out to examine the influence of English Nollywood movies on the dressing pattern of students of Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu. The primary motive of carrying out this research is to know the extent to which Nollywood movies have affected the dressing pattern of students in our society. Without mincing words, Nollywood has fallen in promoting Nigeria values and dignity by throwing decency away in showcasing indecent scenes.   The survey research method was adopted coupled with questionnaires were administered to the selected respondents of 200 while 180 copies of questionnaires were returned and analyzed. Respondents were picked using a simple random sampling method (probability). The data collected were analyzed and interpreted using frequency and percentage method. Promotion of our rich cultural heritage and social-cultural value of Nigeria is a core objective of Nigeria Movies in order to resist Western influx but today the opposite is the case as semi-porn scenes now a common thing on our Nollywood. It is of note that the imitation of Nollywood pattern of the dress has led to indecent dressing and decline in Nigeria cultural values and norms. It is recommended that the Nigerian films censors commission should scrutinize films before they are sent out for viewing by the larger audience while scriptwriters and directors should always have at the back of their minds that Nigeria cultural heritage and national unity should be foremost on their minds when they are writing any script.

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