The study assesses journalists’ perception of the performance of Governor Aregbesola of Osun State with a specific focus on Osun State Correspondents Chapel. There is no doubt about the fact that mass media are in the fore front of good governance, democracy and social development through their various reportorial activities and programmes through which it set agenda on public issues, mobilizing electorate for national course. The study used Agenda Setting Theory to justify the theoretical position and its relevance to this study. Survey research method was adopted for this study while the population of the study comprised journalists in Osun State who are estimated to be 154. One hundred (100) journalists were selected using accidental sampling technique. Findings show that journalists are free to report Governor Aregbesola activities without harassment. Also, many respondents (56.1%) noted that there are lots of challenges facing mass media in reporting Osun State government activities while mass media are believed to be fair and objective in reporting Aregbesola government programme to some extent. It is recommended that mass media should be dedicated to community development programmes and projects rather than supporting or praising the government while journalists are expected to be ethical in gathering, processing and disseminating information in Osun State and Nigeria at large so that the public can trust them as credible source of information.

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