ABSTRACT: The study assessed news credibility between government and private broadcast media in Osun State with a focus on the audience of OSBC & Rave F.M. It is established that “he who pays the piper dictates the tune” media owner especially government tends to use its media to satisfy state objectives and personal needs of those at the political helm of state affairs. Similarly, due to the absolute control of the mass media, that is why the majority of the Nigerian especially politicians are establishing their private media especially newspapers and radio station so that they can get their ideas, views, and others known to the general public. The study was anchored on Source Credibility and Uses and Gratifications Theories. The research used survey research method coupled with 150 copies of questionnaires that were administered to respondents in Osogbo who were selected using non-probability sampling technique (accidental) while 142 copies were returned and analyzed using frequency and percentage method. It is evident that majority of the respondents (50%) listen to Rave F.M and OSBC radio between 1-4 hours. It is also noted that information credibility brings trust (28%), promote adequate information (23%) and (38%) increase people knowledge about happenings around the world objectively. Majority of the respondents admitted that Rave Fm is more credible and that is why they prefer it over OSBC programmes. It is recommended that radio industry should, as a matter of fact, create many decent educative programmes that will continue to promote the educational values of Nigeria and be inline with youths taste while journalists working in government-owned media stations should realize that they are serving the public and not the state chief executive alone, and so must pay adequate attention to social responsibility principle of the press. 

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