The research assessing the level of staff development in the selected broadcast media i.e OSBC, RAVE FM, and NTA. The reason for carrying out this research is because the success of every organization rests on the staff. In media management, of all resources (man, money, and materials), man is core because they are the ones manning and managing the money and materials. Management is sine qua non to the successful operation and survival of the media outfits in Nigeria everywhere in the world. The research was anchored on System Theory, Fredrick Taylor’s Scientific Management Theory and Theory X and Y. The survey research method was used to select respondents from the staff of OSBC, RAVE FM and NTA in which 90 respondents were selected using a multistage sampling technique (simple random and purposive sampling). The data collected were analyzed using frequency and percentage method. Findings show that management of NTA, OSBC and Rave F.M developed their staff to some extent, although, they lamented that their management doesn’t send staff for training on time. It is recommended that training facilities for members be increased to boost their performances. This can be done through radio colleges, periodical workshop and organize seminars for workers in order to increased their efficiency while salary of media staff should be increased to enable them to meet up with their daily and financial obligations which will further prevent them and other media staffs from taking brown envelopes and another related inducement that can affect their objectivity.

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