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ABSTRACT: The study examines the role of media staff welfare on effective journalism in Nigeria with the view to know the extent at which the press are motivated and care for in Nigeria and the extent which this has on their performance and professionalism. Media staff welfare and effective journalism in Nigeria look into the problems the Nigerian Journalists face as they carry out their duties. Motivation Theory was used to explain this research while the survey research method was adopted coupled with questionnaire to collect data from respondents within Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ). The results of the methodology shows that the media staff are not taken good care of. The journalism in Nigeria based on what is obtainable and that the proper welfare of Nigerian journalists will ensure effectiveness in the discharge of their duties. Journalist also should be objective and honest so as to bring  journalism in Nigeria back to her former honour. The government also to allow journalists to function freely without disturbance of any kind.



No single organization can boast of its success or survival for another year; if it fails to manage the human resource carefully and judiciously. Management is synonymous with success in business or organisation. Also, there are no amount of funds used in establishing a firm and without adequate management, it will run out crash in due time.              

Therefore, for any organization to function very well and effectively whether big or small, the welfare of the staff of that organization must first be taken into consideration. This is because a staff who is not taken good care of will not be productive, for instance, whose salary is withheld for some months, cannot function with an empty stomach.

Management is a common activity in human society. Virtually everyone practices management on a daily basis either consciously or unconsciously. From the basic individual and family levels to large multi-national organisations, management takes place. Management is a more serious subject in media organizations because of the role media play in our society.

However, one of the essential aspects of media management is staff welfare, in fact, staff welfare is core to management because there is no amount of money used in establishing media outlets without human management, it is a waste. Thus, we cannot talk about media management without talking about media welfare. 

According to Ulomka (2021), business owners wonder if it is really necessary to invest business funds in welfare packages for employees. Most especially when they cannot seem to find a direct relationship with productivity. Staff welfare is very important to business success and reputation. No one wants to work in an environment that will frustrate their physical and mental health. People must be treated with dignity in the workplace. This is not a favour but the right thing to do. Therefore it is increasingly important today to look out for the well-being of your Staff. Staff welfare boosts staff morale and increases productivity. It is again this background that the study examines the influence of media welfare on the effectiveness of journalists in Nigeria with a focus on Journalists in Osun state.

Statement of Problem

Media staff welfare is one of the studies that is hardly studied in Nigeria leading to scarcity of literature in this regard and where is available, it is usually not conducted in Nigeria. It is against this background that the study examines media staff welfare and effective journalism in Nigeria with a focus on Journalists in Osun State.

Research Objectives

  1. To examine the extent to which media organisations have a good welfare package for their media staff.                
  2. To ascertain the extent to which good staff welfare has boosted media staff performance.

Research Questions

  1. To what extent do media establishments have a good welfare package for their media staff?
  2. To what extent has good staff welfare boost media staff performance?

Significance of the Study

This study is essential to serve stakeholders in the media sector with the needed insight on the level of the public information about media staff welfarism. Government, private media and policy formulators may benefit from the result of this research to make laws that will improve media welfarism. Apart from contributing to the research literature on the subject matter, this study among other things may also provide empirical information on the extent to which media ensure welfare package for their staff.

Scope of the Study

This study which investigates the media staff welfare and effective journalism in Nigeria shall be narrowed in scope to Journalists in Osun State (NUJ). Thus, the geographical scope of this study will be within Osun state. The choice of journalists in Osun state was due to the proximity to the researcher, inadequate time to study all journalists in Nigeria among other logistics.

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