This research work is based on the importance of indigenous language in broadcast media. This project therefore clamored for the development of indigenous language in the electronic media. Moreover this project has been able to explain how indigenous language is of immense benefit to broadcast media. The researcher has also succeeded in analyzing critically the concept of indigenous language, indigenous communication, types of indigenous communication, history of indigenous communication, theories and mode of indigenous communication and many more. Through all these subject matters, it is hope that improvement would meet indigenous language in Broadcast media. Quantitative research design was used in which cross-sectional survey method was adopted while the data collection instrument was questionnaire. One hundred (100) questionnaires were distributed among the staff of OSBC Radio Ile-Awiye Oke-Baale Osogbo, which aided high rate of return. The findings of the research showed that indigenous language is guide significant in broadcast media. It is obvious from this study that the use of indigenous language in broadcast media has helped the audience to know the different language in the society. It is therefore recommended that in order to improve the level of quality programme in the electronic media, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) and (OSBC) management should allow all the present decent programmes that deal with the culture and norms of the people, however this would gain OSBC Radio, Ile-Awiye Oke-Baale more listenership power.


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