The study examines the role of electronic media in mobilising the people for self-sustenance. Mass media especially radio and televisions have been in the fore front of several development programmes and sustainable development through various programmes and commercials. This research was anchored on developmental media theory. Survey research method was used while questionnaire was used to collect data from respondents were drawn with the audience of radio in Osogbo and its environments.150 respondents were selected using accidental sampling techniques out of 150 copies of questionnaire that were administered 31 copies were returned and analyzed using frequency percentage with table. Findings show that many of respondents listen to various self-sustenance programmes on Rave FM most of the tone especially on those leading farming and online business. Most of the programmes on self – sustenance are air in English language. Their study recommends that Rave FM and other electronic media should develop more developments programmes that will further educate people on how to be self  reliance and the programme should be made in local language in order to enable more people especially the illiterate to benefit from it.

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