The research comparatively analyse media management in print and broadcast media with a specific focus on NTA, Osogbo and Osun Defender Newspaper. The rationale for carrying out this study is to know the importance of management in media organisation, how media management influence media operations, staff performance and general success, management is sine qua non to the successful operation and survival of media outfits in Nigeria and everywhere in the world. The study was anchored on management theories which are Behavioural and Human Relations Management Theories, Fredrick Taylor’s Scientific Management Theory, System Theory and Contingency Theory. Survey research method was adopted in which 100 copies of questionnaires were administered to the respondents that were drawn within Osun Defender and NTA, Osogbo using non-probability sampling technique (purposive sampling) out of which 90 copies were correctly filled and analysed. The data were analysed using frequency and percentage table method. Findings revealed that fund and ownership influence are the core problem facing both media outfits. It is recommended that the management of media outfits should see their staff as major stakeholders in decision making while they should be allowed to voice their opinions on matters concerning the operation of the station while staff should be motivated and encouraged to work effectively, this will further prevent them from doing unethical practice.

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