The research is set out to investigate the role of radio in promoting primary health in Ogooluwa Local Government Oyo state because radio is seen as most effective media to reach out to the rural dwellers. Survey research method was used while questionnaire was adopted as the main data collection instrument. 150 copies of questionnaire were administered to respondents that were drawn from five strategic communities within Ogooluwa local council and the communities are Odo-Oba, Iwo-Ate, Ota-Mokun, Pontela and Mowolowo towns. Radio is seen as most effective media to reach out to the rural dweller in Ogo-Oluwa because of the problem of electricity to watch television and illiteracy level is high to read newspaper but they can listen to radio everywhere. It is obvious that majority of the respondents listen to health programmes on radio because and they spent between 1-4 hours while Ajilete FM has the highest listeners, followed by Oluyole F.M. It also shows that through health programme, they now stay healthy. It is recommended that mass media especially radio is to partner with various government, NGOs and other international organization like World Health Organization and UNICEF in bringing their activities to the door step of the women and concern public because no matter their effort might be if not disseminated appropriately it may not have positive impact on the target people and one of the fasted and easiest way to converge message is through the mass media. Also, radio health communicators require training in broadcasting for health and in formative research and evaluation that is in line with the scale of their programme initiatives.

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