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ABSTRACT: The research is set out to examine the role of broadcast media in improving the economy and social lives of rural dwellers, thus focus on Obokun Local Government area of Osun State. It is of note that; the presence of radio has brought a lot of socio-economy development to the practice of people especially those living in a rural area through its various programmes such as: “Let’s Go Farming”, “You & Health”, “Nation’s Pride”, and host of others. The research was anchored on Agenda Setting Theory and Developmental Media Theory. The research also used survey research method coupled with 250 copies of questionnaires that were administered to respondents within Obokun local government from which 180 copies were correctly filled were analysed using frequency and percentage table method. Findings show that substantial numbers of the respondents (77.8%) do have access to broadcast media (radio and television) with at least access to 1-2 television channels while they do not really have access to newspapers and magazine. Many of the respondents (31.7%) often expose themselves to economy and social change programmes such as agro-business, financial freedom, seminar etc, while most of the respondents admitted that broadcast media through their various economy and social change programmes have improved their life often through agriculture, economic and health programmes. It is obvious that New Dawn TV has the high supporter because it is the only broadcasting station hosted by Obokun communities. It is recommended that broadcast media should design programmes that are locally oriented and suit the need of the grassroots people especially one that will boost their farming production, income and social lives generally. 



1.1 Background to the Study

One of the most important demands of comptemporary society is information. The demand and reliance on information is increasing everyday. Information is regarded as power. Information is also seems as knowledge. Alex (2015) once said that, the more quality information you have, the more solution and knowledge you are blessed.

However, one of the effective means of reaching out to people and educate them is through mass media. Mass media especially radio and television have the ability to distribute information to a wide and large heterogeneous audience residing in a diverse locations because it takes care of the illiterate and the device for accessing information is cheap while the information often come free of charge as they are accessed through electromagnetic waves unlike buying data to access the internet.

Televisions combine both sound and visual element (Laaro, 2004). The broadcast media by their nature have widely reach and sequence. The ability to reach widely disperse audience simultaneously gave the broadcast media comparative advantage over other media more desirable of immediacy make broadcast media more desirable and attractive to audience.

Radio cut across literacy barrier while television provides actualities Nasiru (2003). Radio is portable and affordable for most Nigerians including those in Obokun local government area of Osun state, radio is therefore companion to people and is even more popular with adult who are the main dwellers of local places. Oba Laaro (2004) said television gives an illusion of reality, such as to present an event or object in certain way.

Television and Radio have ability to take you to an event through the provision of visual images and the use of imaginative cultural systems. This ability makes the broadcast media powerful tools for dissemination of information, motivation and mobilization. Through, mass media, people in rural areas are educated, exposed and enlighten on matters ranging from family issues, health issues, business, wealth creations, environmental matters while it also liberate them on cultural and religion myth that they grew up to experience which is affecting their social lives and wealth creation opportunities.

Programmes on radio stations such as: Mi o Gba on OSBC; Ka Jo So on OSBC, the Secret on Rave FM; Lamorin ati Lakasegbe on Unique FM etc , Oju-Oja on Rave F.M, OSBC and Unique F.M. These and many more are some of the few programmes on broadcast media in Osun State that are economic and social oriented related which are believe to be impacting one way or the other.

In addition to the above assertion of the significance of information, it is further emphasized that the acquisition of knowledge constitutes the first step toward the process of change be it social, economic, cultural or political. One of the reoccurring social life issues often discussed on the broadcast media is family planning, child spacing, fibroid, malaria etc. Nasiru (2003) observed that the media encouraged and the ginger people up to achieve the aims or goals of the society.

The social and economic condition of women seems to develop and progress slowly in this jet age. In view of this, the researcher is posed to study the impact of broadcast media on economics and social lives of rural dwellers in Obokun local government with the view to know the extent which broadcast media has contributed to the socio-economy lives of the people.

1.2      Statement of the Problem
The research examines the role of broadcast media in improving the economy and social lives of rural dwellers with a case study of Obokun Local Government. Mass media especially radio and television are effective means of reaching and penetrating the rural dwellers because of the accessibility and high level of illiteracy.

Through the mass media lots of activities and programmes are in the broadcast media that capable of educating and enriching the local audience social lives and economy. It is against this background that the research examines the role of broadcast media in improving the economy and social lives of rural dwellers (A case study of Obokun Local Government) with a view to know the extent at which broadcast media programme in Osun State have influenced economy and social lives of the residents in Obokun.

1.3      Objectives of the Study
i. To examine the extent at which people in Obokun Local government are exposure to economy and social programmes on broadcast media in Osun State.
ii. To ascertain the extent which broadcast media have helped people in Obokun local government to improve their economy and social lives.

1.4      Research Questions
i. What is the extent of exposure of people in Obokun Local government to economy and social programmes on broadcast media in Osun State?
ii. To what extent have broadcast media helped people in Obokun local government to improve their economy and social lives?

1.5      Significance of the Study
It is expected that at the end of this study, it will update knowledge within the framework of the study.

It will assist peoples views on the usefulness of broadcast media in mobilizing, educating and improving the social well being of the rural dwellers.

Media practitioners will also gain from the research findings as it will expose them to what responsibilities media are expected to play in society to improve social lives and economy of the people especially those in local areas.

This study, hopefully will help to identify the roles played by the mass media especially radio as an agent of social development in Nigeria.

This study also intends to help in determining whether the programmes, news, features and commentaries of radio and television have any effect on their audience social and economy lives.

The solutions and recommendations that will be advanced here after this study contributes to the growth and development of broadcast media as a powerful instrument for social development. It will also serve as reference materials for future researchers who may want to expand or explore on study relating to this work.

1.6      Scope of the Study
The study has been limited to Obokun local government area of Osun state due to pre-research observation that Obokun local government has several big and small towns. Also, the communities in Obokun local government do expose to several broadcast media such as OSBC radio and television, Osogbo, New Dawn TV, Ibokun, Unique 103.1 FM, Ilesha and Gold 95.5 FM Ilesha. Other factor for selecting Obokun L.G is her proximity to the researcher.

1.7      Operational Definition of Terms
Role: It is synonymous to the role or contribution of broadcasting media to the social and economy lives of the people in Obokun local government, Osun state.
Broadcasting Media: These are radio and television stations in osun state that people in Obokun local government are exposed to in their area. Especially, those that broadcast social and economy information to the people.
Economic: This has to do with various programmes on radio and television stations that focus or related to how to better the economy of people in Obokun local government.
Social lives: This has to do with the social activities and way of live ranging from standard of living to social status of individuals in Obokun local government.
Rural: It meaning people in less developed areas or communities with little or no development.


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