This study examines credibility rating of Federal, State and private stations in Nigeria. Survey research method was used with 250 copies of questionnaire administered to the respondents who are residents of Osogbo metropolis. The study was anchored on Source Credibility and Social Responsibility Theory. However, 220 questionnaires were correctly filled and returned. Findings revealed that the mass media has not live up to expectations as what is expected in their programme contents. Many of the respondents also trust information from the private media and federal media than that of state government media because they tagged the state media as a propaganda tool and extension of the ministry of information who see nothing bad about the state government. It was recommended among others that mass media should create many decent and educative programmes that will continue to promote the educational values of Nigerians. Also, journalists working in government owned media stations should realize that they are serving the public and not the state chief executive alone, and so must pay adequate attention to social responsibility principle of the press.

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