The major thrust of this work is to examine marketing mix as tool for surviving business organization with a case study of Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC). The impact of marketing mix cannot be overemphasized in profit oriented organization that is why company like NBC budget heavily to meet the needs. This study was divided into five chapters while quantitative research design was used in which cross-sectional survey method was adopted while the data collection instrument was questionnaire, 100 copies of questionnaires were administered to respondents within Nigerian Bottling Company. Findings show that Nigerian Bottling Company Plc is effectively integrating her marketing mix to a large extent with 80% subscribed to this which has helped increase the company market share to a large extent. It is clear that of all the four marketing mix, promotion (55.6%) and products (33.3%) attracted high efforts. Also, marketing mix of NBC has helped the company to compete with rival brand; create brand awareness; helped increased the company sales to a large extent. It is recommended that NBC should adopt the use of indigenous language, celebrities and novelty strategy when planning its marketing mix campaign. While NBC is also expected to moderate its price in order to make common men to purchase the product rather than going for the rival products.

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