The research appraised copyright law awareness among students on the internet publication among Kwara State University, Malete with the sole objective to know if Internet publications  and materials enjoy copyright law or not and to what extent because plagiarism is a criminal offence in an academic sphere which is not taken for granted. However, referencing and appropriate citations are used to attribute the originators of idea used in the course of writing and presentations. Today, many undergraduates and some lecturers pay less attention to what constitute copyright or intellectual property, plagiarism, fair use, paraphrasing and how to deal with them. Referencing internet publications and posts is one of the gimmicks used. The study was anchored on Technological Determinism Theory. A survey research method was adopted coupled with 200 copies of questionnaires that were administered to students and lecturers of which 193 copies were retrieved. Internet publishing is no more a hidden phenomenon but a concept that has taken a root in this global world of ours. Although Internet users do download copy, convert, edit some Internet materials or copies such as; pictures, graphics, typography sounds, music, movies, ringing tones, WebPages, documentaries games, articles, and lots more does not make internet publishing a free source of information without any gatekeeper, therefore, copyright law subsist on internet materials usually original. It is essential to sensitize the internet users on what can be copyrighted and what capable of putting them into trouble by organizing online seminars, conferences or normal conferences e.t.c

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