IMPORTANCE OF PHOTOGRAPH IN NEWSPAPER (A case study of Punch newspaper)


The study examined the importance of photography in a newspaper with a case study of the Punch newspaper. It is obvious that photographs play a very prominent role in the newspaper and the world of print media in general. It communicates messages even to the illiterates The study was anchored on Agenda-Setting Theory, Colour Theory in the World of Makeup and Individual Differences Theory. The survey research method was adopted in which a questionnaire was used as data collection instrument. Findings have shown that newspaper without the use of photographs will be nothing but look like a letter or textbook and such publication cannot interest readers. Also, photographs draw the attention of the reader to the most prominent news and issue, especially when placed at the front page of a newspaper while placement of photos are used to set agenda on what public will debate upon. It is recommended that print media should always use only the important photo that communicates the message in which the photo represents and not just use any photo.


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