The research examines the role of the press as gatekeeper in the society (A case study of Osun State Broadcasting Corporation). From the findings, it is clear that the role of gatekeepers cannot be overemphasized as it determines the quality of the media output or message. If the gatekeepers perform well, the integrity and reputation of the press will be effective. This will also reduce the level of error committed.  According to Bittner (1989) one of the functions of gatekeepers is to limit the information we received by editing this information before it is disseminated to us; to expand the amount of information we receive by giving us additional facts or views and to reorganize or interpret the information. It is also recommended that press outfit should employ qualified people that will be saddled with the role of opening and closing of information gate. Seminars and workshops should be continuous activities i.e training and retraining of staff is essential. Press library should be updated and upgraded all the time because media practitioners are expected to know everything about something and something about everything. Media or Press owners should allow the media managers and staff to operate freely so that the integrity of such organization will be higher. Survey research method was adopted while 100 copies of questionnaires were administered to the selected respondents of which 80 copies were returned.

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