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(Last Updated On: 6th December 2022)

Abstract: The research is set out to examine influence of economy news reporting on listeners and viewers in Nigeria, thus focus on Onisha metropolis area of Anambra State. It is of note radio and television are key tools for promoting economy news in Nigeria. The research was anchored on Agenda Setting Theory and Developmental Media Theory. The research also used survey research method coupled with 100 copies of questionnaires that were administered to respondents within Onisha from which 90 copies were correctly filled and analysed using frequency and percentage table method. Findings show that substantial numbers of the respondents (77.8%) do have access to broadcast media (radio and television) with at least access to 3 television channels. Many of the respondents  often expose themselves to economy news such as agro-business, stock exchange, banking news,while most of the respondents admitted that broadcast media through their various economy news, it has improved their life. It is recommended that there is need for media outfits to recruit economy experts in order to cover various aspects of the economy effectively such beat could include aviation, stock market, general market survey, audience reports, government policies on economy etc.

Keywords: Economy News

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