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Abstract: The research is set out to examine influence of economy news reporting on listeners and viewers in Nigeria, thus focus on Onisha metropolis area of Anambra State. It is of note radio and television are key tools for promoting economy news in Nigeria. The research was anchored on Agenda Setting Theory and Developmental Media Theory. The research also used survey research method coupled with 100 copies of questionnaires that were administered to respondents within Onisha from which 90 copies were correctly filled and analysed using frequency and percentage table method. Findings show that substantial numbers of the respondents (77.8%) do have access to broadcast media (radio and television) with at least access to 3 television channels. Many of the respondents  often expose themselves to economy news such as agro-business, stock exchange, banking news, while most of the respondents admitted that broadcast media through their various economy news, it has improved their life. It is recommended that there is need for media outfits to recruit economy experts in order to cover various aspects of the economy effectively such beat could include aviation, stock market, general market survey, audience reports, government policies on economy etc.

Keywords: Economy News



1.1       Background to the Study

            One of the most important demands of contemporary society is information. The demand and reliance on information is increasing every day. Information is regarded as power. Information is also seen as knowledge. Alex (2015) once said that, the more quality information you have, the more solution and knowledge you are blessed.

            However, one of the effective means of reaching out to people and inform them is through mass media. Mass media especially radio and television have the ability to distribute news to a wide and large heterogeneous audience residing in a diverse locations because it takes care of the illiterate and the device for accessing information is cheap while the information often come free of charge as they are accessed through electromagnetic waves unlike buying data to access the internet.

            One of the ways that mass media inform the society is through the news programme which comprised strength news, news commentaries and other related news. News is periodic account of an even that is of great important to a significant number of people through a suitable and credible channel of communication at a particular time (Olayinka, 2013).

           News is what is new, fresh or unknown before it is reported because nothing is stale as yesterday news. Stale news is said to be news unless there are fresh angles to the same story. But today is available beyond newspaper, now been heard on the radio, view it on a television channels, surf it on internet via computer or phone.

            A research conducted by a group of Mass Communication Students of Kwara State University (2017) on what people do with the news i.e why people listening, watching or reading news, it shows that larger percentage of people are exposing to  news to update themselves especially during an important situations such as during election, national sport. Apart from the need to get updated, other reasons for people listening or exposing to news is because we are now in information era rather than industrial era because there is power in information which enables them to know about government policies and legislations that can affect their business and other social-political activities.   

           Meanwhile the focus of this study will revolved around not the general news but rather on economy news. Economy news thus, means news that focus on various aspects of the economy such as: Stock exchange news, news on share, news on currency conversion, news on crude oil, news on agriculture, goods and services processing and production and so on.

            Thompson (2016) once writes that “News about business, economics and finance is going through one of the most dynamic, momentous, and exciting periods in history. That means grist for endless stories, and that the need for a well-educated business press has never been greater.”

            However, business and the economy affect lives generally. People are interested in how  the economy is faring, what are the business  trends,  what  is happening  at  the  stock  market and  what  is  generally  happening with their  investments,  inflation,  banks,  jobs,  and  so  on. This means the business and economy touch everyone’s lives in very unique ways. This also  elevates this beat  to  a  serious  plane because of  its  capacity  to influence  people’s  reaction  to  other issues. Therefore, the business and economy beat is a serious beat that requires expertise handling (Nnamdi, 2012).

            It is against this background that the study examines the influence of economy news reportage on the listeners and viewers in Nigeria particularly in Onisha which is the commercial hub of Anambra state and south-east states in general.

1.2       Statement of the Problem

            The role of mass media in the society particularly on agriculture, education and politics have been over studied by scholars in Nigeria and beyond. However, fewer studies have been carried out specifically on the role of economic news reporting on audience in Nigeria and it is this development that draws the researcher’s attention to specifically examine the influence of economic news reportage on broadcast media audience especially in the area of positive edge.   

1.3    Objectives of the Study

  1. To examine the extent to which people in Ilorin metropolis are exposed to economic news reportage and programmes on radio and television channels in Ilorin.
  2. To ascertain whether broadcast media have helped people in Ilorin to improve their economic through regular and adequate information.

1.4    Research Questions

  1. To what extent are people in Ilorin metropolis exposed to economic news reportage and programmes on radio and television channels in Ilorin?
  2. To what extent have broadcast media helped people in Ilorin to improve their economic through regular and adequate information?

1.5       Significance of the Study

            It is expected that at the end of this study, it will update knowledge within the framework of the study. Particularly, it will assist people’s views on the usefulness of broadcast media in mobilizing, educating and improving the social well-being especially in the area of economy, production, agriculture and other economy matters.

             Media practitioners will also gain from the research findings as it will expose them to what responsibilities media are expected to play in society to improve social lives and economy of the people especially in this competitive century.

            This study, hopefully will help to identify the roles played by the mass media especially radio as an agent of social development in Nigeria. This study also tends to help in determining whether news programmes and commentaries of radio and television have any effect on their audience social and economy lives.

            The solutions and recommendations that will be advanced here after this study contributes to the growth and development of broadcast media as a powerful instrument for and economy and social development. It will also serve as reference materials for future researchers who may want to expand or explore on study relating to this study.

1.6       Scope of the Study

            The study which examines the influence of economy news reporting on listeners and viewers in Nigeria has been narrowed in scope to listeners and viewers in Ilorin metropolis due to it proximity and for the fact that it will be difficult if not impossible to study the entire listeners and viewers of radio and television channels in Nigeria. Other rationale for the scope is due to the financial implication and time to travel to many states in Nigeria.    

1.7       Operational Definition of Terms

Influence: It is synonymous to the role or contribution of broadcasting media to the economy lives of the people in Ilorin.

Economic News Reporting: This has to do with news programmes on radio and television stations that focus or related to economy, production, business and agriculture of people in Ilorin.

Listeners and Viewers in Nigeria: These are the people that listen or watch news on radio and television channels in Nigeria particularly in Ilorin metropolis.



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