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(Last Updated On: 6th December 2022)

ABSTRACT: The study examined the effect of bastardization of indigenous language in the media with a case study of OSBC. The study was anchored on System Theory. Bastadization has been described as one of the issues affecting Yoruba news Desk of Osun State Broadcasting Corporation (OSBC). The study was anchored on System Theory of Management. Survey research method was used while questionnaire was used as the main data collection instrument with some textual analysis of some of the contents. The data collected were analyzed in frequency and percentage tables. The study finds out that the poor performance of Yoruba desk and bastardization of Yoruba language to lack of qualified staff, lack of enough books and reference materials that can help.  Table indicates that 50% of the respondents have attributed lack of qualified Yoruba reporters and translators responsible for bastardization of Yoruba language in OSBC. It is recommended that seminar and training should be organized for the staff on a regular basis to keep them up to date especially in the area of language usage and translations.

Keywords: Indigenous Language

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