The study is set out to examine the impact of job satisfaction on organization commitment with a case study of Nigeria Brewery Plc. Job satisfaction is a crucial issue in an organization because it determines most of the time the level of success and productivity in an organization. Survey research method was adopted in which questionnaires were administered to the respondents using simple random sampling technique. The data were analyzed using frequency, percentage and means of data analysis were used. Findings show that majority of the respondents (55.6%) said they are not promoted as at when due and they equally maintained that they are motivated sometimes but not all the time. Obviously, many of the respondents are satisfied with the jobs with 44% attested to this fact. It is clear that majority of the respondents (66.7%) believed that on average, job satisfaction influenced their commitment. Also, about (45%) submitted that the there is relationship between organizational commitment and turnover. They stressed that organizational commitment yielded good result ranging from unity, increase in sales and enhance productivity.  The respondents also submitted that they are motivated through various incentives, bonus, salary, provision of conducive work environment among other ways.  It is recommended that that the management of the company should provide good working conditions for its employees, so as to boost their morale.


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