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What Should Included in a Research Project Proposal

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INTRODUCTION: Student of masters by thesis and doctoral students even an undergraduate knows that a research proposal successfully defended is a thesis or dissertation half completed. The research proposal for masters by thesis and doctoral dissertation are in three chapters. These are:

Chapter 1-Introduction

Chapter 2- Review of Literature

Chapter 3-Methodology

If students successfully defend the proposal then these three chapters will constitute the first three chapters of his entire study. So, research proposal successfully defended is not a wasted effort. In the behavioral sciences, doctoral research proposal can run into a hundred or more pages and if successfully defended they serve as ‘agreements’’ between the student and their dissertation committees. The doctoral candidate is expected to follow religiously is research methodology; he will need to obtain a clearance in writing from his dissertation committee. He cannot arbitrarily change any aspect of his approved methodology.

Meanwhile, an undergraduate research proposal is similar to that of postgraduate thesis, however, most undergraduate project/thesis is not usually defended. In summary, an undergraduate project usually contain the introduction (chapter one), theory or theories/model or models to be used in chapter two or outline or tentative outline to be discussed in chapter two and methodology. It should be noted that a proposal is written in a future tense such as “will” and shall”.




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