The study examined the Impact of Mass Media on Universal Basic Education with Ede North Local Government as a case study. Mass media especially television and radio have been major agents of socialization in society through some educational programmes like Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Brain Test, Quiz T.V, Debate and many more apart from paying attention to government and non governmental educational organization like Universal basic Education. Today education is not limited within teacher and taught without social environment and mass media is one such potent force in the social environment of education. Mass media prove that education is really comprehensive not confined within four walls of the classroom really, television as the educational medium for the mass and mass education. However, for the purpose of this study, critical review to related literature was made. Relevant theory which was used to gratify the study was the uses and gratifications theory, which was stipulated that people seek out and use the media in different ways, there is no uniformity in the way individuals perceive the media, in how they use it, how long and for what reason they use the media. Quantitative research design was used in which cross-sectional survey method was adopted while the data collection instrument was questionnaire. Findings of the study showed that it is obvious that television has gone a long way in improving and promoting education in Nigeria and through out the world because of its unique advantage of transmitting in audiovisual. Children ad adult find it interesting and it message always have an indelible impact on the viewers. The assertion that “seeing is believing” is very suitable to describe television message. People tend to believe what they see than what they listen to on radio. It is therefore recommended that television industry should as a matter of fact create some decent educative programmes that will continue to promote the educational values of Nigeria. Suggestions for Further Studies include, that the role of mass media in educating students of higher institution. And appraising the impact of television on youth development.

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