The study is set out to examine the influence of television in promoting evangelism otherwise called televangelism in Nigeria particularly in Osogbo and its environs. It is observed that television channels often contribute lots to socio-economy and spiritual life generally. The study is anchored on the Social Categories Theory, Uses and Gratifications Theory, Selective Media Perception and Selective Retention. The research employed survey research method coupled with 150 copies of questionnaire that were administered to respondents in Osogbo out of which 120 copies were correctly filled and analysed using frequency and percentage table method. Also, 43.9% admitted that they watch Emmanuel television and other religion television stations. Many of the respondents (87%) watched religion channels via DSTV, GOTV and Startimes while it was admitted that the television stations promote Christian Religion consciousness in Osogbo through testimonies, gift/help, miracles and predictions broadcast on the channels. It is evidence that despite what some people are say about Emmanuel TV, majority of the respondents still like the television channels because it serves as a booster of their faith and because of the testimonies. It is recommended that religion bodies that are interested in promoting religion through the media should do it with caution by promoting relevant issues that will not jeopardise the national interest while hate religion speeches and programmes should be shunned because Nigeria is not only a multiethnic nation but also a pluralism society where there are many religions.

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