The study examines community radio as instrument for community education and social change with a focus on RAVE 91.7 FM and Gold 95.5 FM. The study was anchored on Social Responsibility Media Theory and Development Media. Theory. Survey research method was used to select respondents within Osogbo and its environs. The study employed non-probability sampling technique to select two hundred and fifty (250) respondents within RAVE 91.7 Fm and Gold 95.5 FM). The data collection instrument used in collecting data is questionnaire. Out of 250 copies, 238 copies were returned while only 226 copies were correctly filled which is representing 90% response rate. The data is analyzed in frequency and percentage. Findings show that lots of people in Osogbo and Its environs (47%) often listen to RAVE 91.7 FM and Gold 95.5 FM in their respective locations. The duo stations are regarded credible in airing programmes on social change, community development issues, health matters, educational matters and entertainment which are some of the issues that has gain popularity on the station. However, it is recommended among others that Journalists should be trained and retrained on the social responsibility role expected from them.

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