The research examines the impact of Public Relations in Local Government on the People. Public relations is seen as a machinery use for promoting communication and understanding between organisation and its various publics. The research is anchored on Model of Public Relations by Grunig and Hunt and Situational Theory. Survey research method was used while questionnaire was used to collect data from the respondents in which one hundred copies of questionnaires were administered using frequency and percentage out of which 90 copies was returned. It is of note that majority of the respondents admitted that Irepodun local government partially recognise the importance of public relations unit as it is partially used in building and maintaining a mutual understanding between the council top management and its various publics partially while problems facing public relations of Irepodun local government are lack of cooperation from other department and local head, lack of fund, and neglect by the top management. The study recommended that public relations unit of local government are poorly funded if compared to other department because they are not really recognized, therefore, they should fund the department of public relations.

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