The study influence of  Indigenous Language usage in telecommunication Customers’ Care on Subscriber Service Satisfaction among Osun State Polytechnic Students Iree.  The rationale for carrying out this study is to investigate the degree at which telecommunication service people in indigenous language and the extent which people also prefer to be served in indigenous language among other objectives. This research was anchored on Grunig and Hunt Model of Public Relations, Integrated Marketing Communication Theory and Accommodation Theory respectively. Survey research method and questionnaire were used as research instrument to gather the required data. Accidental sampling technique was used to select 100 respondents across the faculties in Osun State Polytechnic Iree. The data collected in this study were analysed using frequency and percentage tables. Findings show that many of the respondents call customers care unit of their service provider mostly because of the issues associating with SIM retrieval, recharging issues, browsing issue, SIM registration and wrong deduction of credit/data issues. It is obvious that majority of the respondents (50%) speak English to customers care unit followed by Yoruba language. Although, many preferred to be served in Indigenous language while calling customers care unit because it affords them to freely ask and express themselves. It is recommended that telecommunication companies should increase their response rate at least they should pick calls within 30 seconds and not less than a minute ring. Also, more people who can effectively speak in indigenous language should be employed to effectively bridge the communication gaps.


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