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What students must know before starting their project?

(Last Updated On: 30th November 2022)

Must Know Before Starting their Project?

INTRODUCTION: There are so many things students must know before starting their project which is important to their overall success and amount of time spent. However, understading this will help you.

  • What idea do you find interesting to develop your problem around.
  • How much do you know about the topic or problem?
  • How much has been done on the idea
  • How fresh or hot is the idea?
  • Can the idea interest others especially your supervisor?
  • Can you finish the research on time?
  • Where would I get materials for my study e.g library, online etc
  • Who is my supervisor?
  • How veteran and meticulous my supervisor is ?
  • What are previous supervisees saying about him/her?
  • Where can i get research previously supervised by the supervisor?
  • What method(s) can i use to operationalise my study?
  • What is the best data collection instrument(s) for my research?
  • Who are my population or what is my case study?
  • How would I select suitable sample size for my study?
  • How would I collect the needed data for my research?
  • How would I analyse my data I.e what method of data analysis is best suitable for my research?

These and many more questions are to be answered or know before you start your research, it will guide you from the beginning to the end. If you find this post interesting, kindly share with friends.

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