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Getting the best from your supervisor is essential to the overall success of student overall performance and outcome.

“No one is competent enough to be his own editor no matter his reputation in writing; his work must benefit another person’s look” 

The quotation above is a pointer to the fact that every student needs at least a lecturer to supervisor his/her thesis. In some cases, students have to find supervisor before enrolment; mostly at the PhD level i.e enrolment for PhD is based on the availability of supervisor, that is to show you how important is supervisor to your success. Once a supervisor is allocated to you or you get one; you need to understand how to deal with him/her, don’t forget he/she is often a busy type coupled with other academic and supervisees like you. In order to get the best of your supervisor, you must pay attention to the following details:

“No matter how brilliant or genius you are, you need a thesis supervisor”

  1. Select a researchable topic(s) and the topic should come from new, fresh or contemporary issues rather than old events or happenings, unless it is also important.
  2. Before you visit your supervisor, make sure you are familiar with your topic, i.e the problem you intend to solve, how to go about it and why do you think the topic is good enough to be studied because he may ask you few questions or argue with you etc
  3. Meet with your supervisor especially when he is not too busy or appear not annoying
  4. Greet him politely and introduce yourself to him
  5. Let him know your motive for visiting him
  6. Ask politely if he would like to have a close look at your project topics
  7. If he ask you questions regards your topic, don’t be scared to explain precisely and logically to him.
  8. You may ask your supervisor the visiting schedule (when to be bringing your work)
  9. You may ask whether he has any suggestion regards your topic or how it is framed, the methodology, the scope, the problem etc
  10. You may also ask if he has any research materials or paper that he will like you to read through before starting your project.
  11.   Don’t be rude to your supervisor at all time.
  12. Argue reasonably and logically but don’t disrespect him/her
  13. Be polite in asking questions
  14. Update your supervisor time to time on your research progress
  15. Always read the comments and suggestions from your supervisor and adherent to it religiously.
  16. Don’t plagiarize other people’s content and present it as yours or use work without  citation.
  17. Understand every word, line, sentence and page in your work.
  18. Don’t repeat what has been corrected or rejected unless you have improved on it.
  19. Don’t call him any how on phone, or send emotional email or chat him on social media with earlier request.
  20. Don’t always use email or social media to communicate your project status unless you are told to do so.
  21. Keep your phone off or silent while with your supervisor because it may be irritating when it suddenly ring or ring repeatedly while Prof is attending to you or explaining to you.

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