Why Are My Project Topics Rejected !: (10 Reasons)

Why are my project topics rejected!

Why Supervisor May not Approve Your Project Topics!

Either of the following may be the cause.. Check it out

  1. Maybe you are submitting old topics try something new, fresh
  2. May be your topics are common... be creative
  3. Maybe Your topics are not researchabletry to reframe or seek expert
  4. May be you cannot defend your topicstry to know many things about your topics
  5. May be your topics are not cleartry to check your variables and reframe if needed
  6. May be your topics are too complex to complete within the stipulated time… try to narrow it
  7. May be your topics is not coming from your supervisor’s area of specialisation or interest… know your supervisor interest or area of specialisation
  8. May be somebody is currently doing the same topic… try to generate another topics
  9. May be your topics need to be reframed try to reframe or seek experience hand to do that for you
  10. May be your topics are not structured in a convincing mannerconvince your supervisor at just a glance with your topic

Note: that your topic must contain at least an independent variable and a dependent variable in order to make sense to your supervisor.

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