The study basically examined the Roles of Public Relations in Enhancing Customers’ Satisfaction with a case study of PZ Nigeria Plc. Therefore, public relations has remained a powerful tool in building and maintaining mutual understanding between the company its various public, It also help in building good image and satisfy the needed information by customers on behalf of a company. The role of public relations cannot be overlooked because a company with bad image cannot succeed in any competitive market and as a result of this, companies and individuals are engaging the service of public relations to help build, maintain and sustain their communication and reputation at all time. The researcher adopted survey research method while questionnaire was also used to elicit data from the respondents. Findings show that majority of the respondents (70%) admitted that public relations are used in bridging the communication gap between management and customers. Also, many of the respondents stressed that public relations department of PZ has really enhanced customers’ satisfaction largely. It is recommended that public relations should ensure that the image of organization be their priority because the image is the company.      

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